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Friday, September 30th
9:00 AM

A Clustering Approach to Industrial Network Intrusion Detection

Leary Tomlin Jr., Mississippi State University
Marsella R. Farnam, Mississippi State University
Shengyi Pan, Mississippi State University

9:00 AM

Analysis of Community Detection Algorithms for Large Scale Cyber Networks

Prachita Mane, Purdue University
Sunanda Shanbhag, Purdue University
Tanmayee Kamath, Purdue University
Patrick Mackey, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
John Springer, Purdue University

9:00 AM

Black Box FISMA-based Security Control Assessment of Public Cloud Providers

Gerald Auger, Dakota State University
Richard Hilgers, Purdue University

9:00 AM

Internet of Things Mobility Forensics

K. M. Sabidur Rahman, University of California Davis
Matt Bishop, University of California Davis
Albert Holt, National Security Agency

9:00 AM

Mobile Encryption Gateway (MEG) for Email Encryption

Gregory Rehm, University of California Davis
Michael Thompson, Argonne National Laboratory
Brad Busenius, Argonne National Laboratory
Jennifer Fowler, Argonne National Laboratory

9:00 AM