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Biological Sciences


The estrogen receptor positive MCF-7 breast cancer cell line was exposed to 11 essential oils that were extracted from various plants. MTT assays were executed to determine the percentage of killed cells after essential oil exposure. Three oils possessed cytotoxic activity; they originated from the species Helichrysum italicum (HEITEO), Juniperus communis (JUCOEO), and Picea mariana (PIMAEO). The acronyms are derived from the first two letters of the genus and species name, followed by "EO". HEITEO, JUCOEO, and PIMAEO produced percent kill values of 99.1%, 99.4% and 98.9% respectively at concentrations of 0.01 micrograms/microliter. An LC50 value was obtained for Picea mariana (PIMAEO) with a percent kill of 48.6% at a concentration of 0.000313 micrograms/microliter.



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