Perpetua: The UAH Journal of Undergraduate Research


Kinta Schott


College of Education




This study was intended to better understand the physiological demands of the sport of lacrosse by analyzing and comparing player metrics during game and practice sessions. A team heart rate monitoring system with global positioning was utilized to measure player metrics during games, which were compared with metrics recorded during practice sessions. Participants in the study consisted of 13 male high school club lacrosse players (16.2 ± 1.5 yr; 175.3 ± 7.7 cm; 69.9 ± 13.6 kg). Game and practice data were compared utilizing paired samples t -tests, while individual position metrics were analyzed by independent samples t -tests. A standard p ≤ .05 and effect size (r) were used to determine significance and effect sizes. Results of game and practice comparison showed significant differences for average HR, total calories, and caloric expenditure (t ≥ 4.2, p ≤ .003, r ≥ .590). Significant differences were also found for duration, total distance covered, and number of sprints performed between game and practice sessions ( t ≥2.32, p≤ .049, r ≥.253). Positional comparisons identified significant differences and large effect sizes between midfield and face off positions for maximum HR ( t =2.411, p= .028, r =.525) and number of sprints ( t = 3.242, p = .005, r = .745). Games showed lower total caloric expenditure, but duration of the sessions was significantly different. When session duration was normalized, players showed a higher caloric expenditure during games. As a result of these findings coaches may want to change their practice session intensities if they wish to emulate games.



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