Analysis of shock wave unsteadiness using space and time correlations applied to shadowgraph flow visualization data


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Advances in Aerodynamics


Unsteady flow characteristics of a normal shock wave, a lambda foot, and a separated turbulent boundary layer are investigated within a unique test section with supersonic inlet flow. The supersonic wind tunnel facility, containing this test section, provides a Mach number of approximately 1.54 at the test section entrance. Digitized shadowgraph flow visualization data are employed to visualize shock wave structure within the test section. These data are analyzed to determine shock wave unsteadiness characteristics, including grayscale spectral energy variations with frequency, as well as time and space correlations, which give coherence and time lag properties associated with perturbations associated with different flow regions. Results illustrate the complexity and unsteadiness of shock-wave-boundary-layer-interactions, including event frequencies from grayscale spectral energy distributions determined using a Lagrangian approach applied to shock wave location, and by grayscale spectral energy distributions determined using ensemble-averaging applied to multiple closely-located stationary pixel locations. Auto-correlation function results and two-point correlation functions (in the form of magnitude squared coherence) quantify the time-scales of periodic events, as well as the coherence of flow perturbations associated with different locations, over a range of frequencies. Associated time lag data provide information on the originating location of perturbation events, as well as the propagation direction and event sequence associated with different flow locations. Additional insight into spatial variations of time lag and flow coherence is provided by application of magnitude squared coherence analysis to multiple locations, relative to a single location associated with the normal shock wave.

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