Double Wall Cooling of an Effusion Plate with Simultaneous Cross Flow and Impingement Jet Array Internal Cooling


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Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power


Considered is double wall cooling, with full-coverage effusion-cooling on the hot side of the effusion plate, and a combination of impingement cooling and cross flow cooling, employed together on the cold side of the effusion plate. Data are given for a main stream flow passage with a contraction ratio (CR) of 4 for main stream Reynolds numbers Rems and Rems,avg of 157,000-161,000 and 233,000-244,000, respectively. Hot-side measurements (on the main stream flow or hot side of the effusion plate) are presented, which are measured using infrared thermography. Using a transient thermal measurement approach, measured are spatially resolved distributions of surface adiabatic film cooling effectiveness, and surface heat transfer coefficient. For the same Reynolds number, initial blowing ratio (BR), and streamwise location, increased thermal protection is often provided when the effusion coolant is provided by the cross flow/impingement combination configuration, compared to the cross flow only supply arrangement. In general, higher adiabatic effectiveness values are provided by the impingement only arrangement, relative to the impingement/cross flow combination configuration, when compared at the same Reynolds number, initial BR, and x/de location. Data for one streamwise location of x/de = 60 show that the highest net heat flux reduction line-averaged net heat flux reduction (NHFR) values are produced either by the impingement/cross flow combination configuration or by the impingement only arrangement, depending upon the particular magnitude of BR, which is considered.


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