On the influence of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical behavior of laser powder bed fused Inconel 718


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Materials Science and Engineering A


A range of heat treatments have been developed for wrought Inconel 718 to obtain desired properties. For additively manufactured Inconel 718, the recently developed standard ASTM F3301 provides guidance for heat treatment of powder bed fusion specimens. Although this standard is based on standards developed for wrought Inconel 718, it does not include direct aging. Since direct aging reduces the number of processing steps, it can result in a post processing cost reduction if the desired properties are obtained. In this study, we characterized the microstructure and tensile behavior of Inconel 718 specimens produced by a laser powder bed fusion process. The specimens were heat treated according to two different routines after stress relieving: a full heat treatment versus a one-step direct aging process. Differences in the resulting texture and grain morphology were observed. The ex-situ stress-strain behavior was broadly similar. However, a slight increase in yield strength was observed for the direct aged specimen. In order to understand this behavior, investigations with in-situ synchrotron energy dispersive X-ray diffraction tensile testing revealed differences in the load partitioning among different crystal directions. Importantly, the elastic anisotropy expressed by the magnitude of the diffraction elastic constants showed a dependency on the microstructures.

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