Effects of Coolant and Wall Temperature Variations on Impingement Jet Array Thermal Performance


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Numerical Heat Transfer; Part A: Applications


Provided are numerically predicted flow structural data for a flow passage with an impingement jet array, as well as numerically predicted surface Nusselt number data for the target surface of the passage, which are obtained using a SST (Formula presented.) turbulence closure model. The closure model and numerical prediction approach are validated by oil film flow visualization experimental results. Spatially averaged Nusselt number data are well represented by the impingement cooling temperature ratio correlation equation of Goodro et al., which indicates that associated Nusselt number ratios decrease as the Tw/To,in temperature ratio increases to values as high as 2.0. Local, spatially resolved Nusselt numbers and spanwise-averaged surface Nusselt number distributions for TR = 1.1 are consistently higher than TR = 2.0 values, when compared at particular surface locations. Cross flow influences are evidenced by spanwise-averaged, periodically varying Nusselt number values which generally increase with streamwise development. When surface oil flow visualization results are considered with numerically predicted turbulent viscosity ratio results, flow features include locally increased viscosity ratio values near impingement jet stagnation regions, horseshoe vortex signatures, and more focused and more narrow viscosity ratio distributions with streamwise development.

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