Discharge dynamics of a nanosecond pulsed helium/argon nanosecond atmospheric pressure glow discharge


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Physics of Plamas


A nanosecond pulsed atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier glow discharge in helium with 1% of argon was studied. The effects of the electric field, frequency, and gas mixture ratio on the temporal behavior of the plasma discharge were captured with an ICCD camera. Special interest was given to the timing and scale of the secondary or return stroke. It was found that the external electric field can control the occurrence of the return stroke in a dielectric barrier discharge. If the electric field is high enough, the return stroke occurs earlier than previously observed in other works. Increasing frequency leads to faster discharge initiation times for both the primary and secondary discharges. Increasing the argon ratio of the mixture leads to an increased intensity of the primary discharge, a decrease in the intensity of the secondary discharge, and a delay in the timing of the primary discharge.



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