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Background Since the COVID-19 pandemic, bedside nurse burnout rates have grown across the United States, resulting in nurses leaving the field and worsening the nursing shortage. Identifying the factors that lead to burnout will help guide the improvement of burnout rates and thereby reduce nursing shortages. Many intensive care units employ nurse practitioners, but there is little research on the effectiveness of having nurse practitioners in intensive care units on burnout rates. Objective The purpose of this study is to determine if having full-time nurse practitioner presence in the intensive care unit will lead to a decrease in bedside nurse burnout. Methods An anonymous and voluntary questionnaire was distributed via a QR code posted in staff-only areas of adult intensive care units. The questionnaire included the Oldenburg Burnout Inventory, a validated and open-access quantitative survey that measures burnout from 2 viewpoints: exhaustion and disengagement. The results were calculated by analyzing three scores from the survey: the total burnout score, the exhaustion score, and the disengagement score. Results A total of 29 survey responses were received from critical care nurses. Of the nurses who responded, 11 answered “yes” and 18 answered “no” to having 24-hour nurse practitioner coverage in their units. The total burnout scores indicate that across both of these groups, high levels of burnout are present. In order to explore the potential trend of nurse practitioners on reduction of burnout, this study should be replicated on a larger scale.


Honors Capstone Research (HCR)

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nurse, burnout, nurse practitioner, intensive care unit

The Effect of Nurse Practitioners on Nursing Burnout in ICU Setting: A Pilot Study



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