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Background: Incivility in nursing education and practice is a worldwide problem. Many research articles support this claim and have offered different methods to combat incivility. Before one tries to combat incivility, civility must be investigated within the organization. Objectives: This study set out to find lived experiences of nursing students, and if student-led interviews created a more authentic response when discussing aspects of civility among faculty, students, and hospital staff in the clinical setting. Method: This ethnographic qualitative study took place over 10 weeks in the Research and Creative Experiences for Undergraduates (RCEU) program at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. This was one arm of a two-arm study addressing civility within the College of Nursing clinical setting. One clinical data unit was analyzed using NVivo the SAMMSA method. A clinical and classroom data unit were synthesized to find overarching themes. Results: The data revealed three overarching themes: (I) the role of the instructor is to lead student learning, (II) students will use real world experiences to define civility unless it’s taught in the nursing curriculum, and (III) students desire their instructors to value them as individuals capable of becoming competent nurses. Conclusion: This study of student-led interviews on civility in the clinical nursing setting has the potential to set the standard for how to obtain authentic student responses. Further research is required with more participants.


Research and Creative Experience for Undergraduates (RCEU)

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College of Nursing


Rachel Seady

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civility, clinical setting, student-led interview, nursing school, SAMMSA

Civility as a Nursing Concept in the Clinical Setting



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