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Background: Many people diagnosed with serious illnesses are troubled with considerable pain and discomfort that affects their quality of life. Palliative medicine aims to combat patient discomfort using evidence-based approaches to improve patient quality of life. However, referral to palliative care services is often laden with difficulties surrounding various factors. Due to the most current rating of palliative care in Alabama of “D” by the Center of Advanced Palliative Care, identifying barriers to palliative care in Alabama is imperative. Objective: This study aims to gather data about the knowledge, perceptions, and beliefs of health providers in North Alabama to identify potential barriers to palliative referral. Methods: Participants were recruited through the Huntsville Hospital System, where participants participated in a cross-sectional online survey. The survey consists of 8 questions with a following demographics section. Analysis of the survey will be used to determine the survey’s psychometrics and identify palliative care barriers. Results: Results are currently pending and will be complete by December 2023. Impact: If successful, this study will identify additional barriers to palliative care referral in North Alabama. The information from this study can be used in the creation of targeted educational programs, or implementation into already existing educational programs to increase referrals to palliative care.


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Knowledge, Perceptions and Beliefs of Palliative Care by Primary Providers



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