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EMS Response Time for Patients Critically-Injured from Automobile Accidents Using Regression Analysis
Sneha R. Vanga, Phillip M. Ligrani, Mehrnaz Doustmohammadi, and Michael Anderson


Analysis of Time-Resolved Plasma Jet Emissions That Drive Methylene Blue Dye Decomposition
Ryan P. Gott, Marisa E. Thompson, Brandon C. Staton, Brandon M. Williams, and Kunning G. Xu


Discharge dynamics of a nanosecond pulsed helium/argon nanosecond atmospheric pressure glow discharge
Andrew Walsten, Kunning Xu, C Sanderson, C. Ballmann, and D. Matyas


Kinematic analysis of gait in an underwater treadmill using land-based Vicon T 40s motion capture cameras arranged externally
Shreyas L. Raghu, Ryan T. Conners, Chang-kwon Kang, David B. Landrum, and Paul N. Whitehead


Data-driven CFD scaling of bioinspired Mars flight vehicles for hover
Jeremy A. Pohly, Chang-Kwon Kang, Brian D. Landrum, James E. Bluman, and Hikaru Aono


Determination of the Feature Resolution of Processed Image Data via Statistical Analysis
Joseph S. Indeck, Jesus O. Mares Jr., James P. Vitarelli, and Kavan Hazeli


Effects of abdomen undulation in energy consumption and stability for monarch butterfly
K. C. Tejaswi, Madhu K. Sridhar, Chang-kwon Kang, and Taeyoung Lee


Kinematic Analysis of Gait in an Underwater Treadmill Using Land-based Vicon T 40s Motion Capture Cameras Arranged Externally
Shreyas L. Raghu, Ryan T. Conners, Chang-kwon Kang, David B. Landrum, and Paul N. Whitehead


Louver and Effusion Cooling Heat Transfer For a Double Wall Effusion Plate With Impingement Jet Array Coolant Supply
Sneha Reddy Vanga, Phillip M. Ligrani, Joseph Knox, Federico Liberatore, Rajeshriben Patel, and Ying-Hsiang Ho


Effects of Coolant and Wall Temperature Variations on Impingement Jet Array Thermal Performance
Shaopeng Lu, Q. Deng, Phillip M. Ligrani, H. Jiang, and Q. Zhang

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