Jurgen Thoenes

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Jurgen Thoenes

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Contract DA-01-009-AMC-166 (Z)

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Contract DA-01-009-AMC-166 (Z)


U.S. Army Missile Command

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University of Alabama Research Institute

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Hypersonic Flow of Air

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Dorodnltsyn's method of integral relations has been extended to the calculation of chemical non-equilibrium flow of air past pointed bodies of revolution with attached shock waves. Considered are the effects of free stream oxygen dissociation, such as may occur in an arc heated wind tunnel, and non-equilibrium oxygen dissociation in the shock layer on the distribution of fhe flow variables along the non-catalytic body surface. Using a simplified air model consisting of three species only (O, C^/ Nj)/ and the one strip integral approximation, numerical results are presented for invlscid hypersonic flow of air past a pointed circular cone. It is found that the equations can be stably Integrated away from the tip along the body surface. By comparing the resulting non-equilibrium surface distributions of all flow variables with the corresponding equilibrium flow solution, it is also shown that a semi-exact procedure yields more accurate distributions than the standard approximation of the system of governing equations.

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