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H.T.Jackson Jr

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Contract NsG-381

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Contract NsG-381


National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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University of Alabama Research Institute

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Negative Atomic Oxygen Ion

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The theoretical photodetachment cross section for the negative atomic oxygen ion in its normal ground state, (Is)2 (2s)2 (2p)5 , has been investigated for the three transitions; O ( 2P) + hv — O ( 3P) + e, O- ( 2P) + hv - 0 (1D) + e, and O- ( 2P) + hv -O ( 1S) + e in the photon energy range up to 12 ev. In addition, the scattering cross section for the neutral oxygen atom, the polarizability, the attachment cross section and the attachment coefficient have also been determined. Results are compared with available experimental and other theoretical data. Excellent agreement has been obtained with the latest reliable experimental data. The Hartree-Fock treatment utilizing a modified form of the Slater approximation for exchange was used to compute the bound state radial functions for the neutral atom and negative ion. The polarization potential was developed from first order perturbation theory in conjunction with the adiabatic approximation. The continuum wave functions for the outgoing electron were derived from Schrodinger's equation utilizing the modified Hartree-Fock-Slater and polarization potentials. The agreement of the photodetachment and neutral atomic oxygen cross sections with experimental data as well as the agreement of the polarizability calculation with experiment is a most favorable indication for the validity of this work.

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