Jurgen Thoenes

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Jurgen Thoenes

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Contract Da-01-021-AMC-12039 (Z)

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Contract DA-01-021-AMC-12039 (Z)


U.S. Army Missile Command

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University of Alabama Research Institute

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Dissociating Air

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This report discusses two methods for the calculation of hypersonic flow of dissociating air past a circular cone. One objective of the investigation was to apply a Taylor-Maccoll type analysis in order to calculate chemical equilibrium flow past a circular cone and to compare the results with those previously obtained from Dorodnitsyn's integral method. The other objective was to investigate improvements to the one-strip integral method by developing and using a two-strip analysis for the calculation of chemical nonequil ibrium cone flow. It was found that, for equilibrium flow, the results from the Taylor-Maccoll type analysis are in excellent agreement with those from the one-strip integral method. For nonequil ibrium flow, it is shown that with increasing distance away from the tip the two-strip solution is closer to the equilibrium flow solution than the standard one-strip solution is. It is interesting to notice that, except for the distribution of the shock wave angle and the cone surface velocity, at a sufficient distance from the tip, the one-strip semi-exact solution approaches the equilibrium flow solution still closer than the two-strip solution does.

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