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D.R. Jeng

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Contract NsG-381

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Contract NsG-381


National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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University of Alabama Research Institute

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Unsteady Heat Transfer

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An analysis is made for the unsteady heat-transfer, due to a time dependent wall heat flux, from an infinite disk, rotating in still fluid with large suction. The procedure begins with a consideration of the thermal response caused by a step change in the local wall heat flux. It is found that the response time varies inversely with the Prandtl number, the angular velocity and the second power of the suction parameter. Incompressible flow with dissipation is considered first. For an ideal gas with constant Prandtl number whose viscosity varies linearly with temperature, the incompressible results may be, if dissipative effect can be ignored, directly applied provided that all properties in the solution are replaced by their wall values.

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