W. R. Garrett

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W.R. Garrett

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Contract NsG-381

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Contract NsG-381


National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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University of Alabama Research Institute

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Electron Scattering

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The problem of low energy atomic scattering of electrons by multi-electron atoms is formulated in the adiabatic exchange approximation. The effects of target distortion by the electric field of the incident charged particle are determined by computing a polarization potential to be included in the total scattering interaction. The polarization potential is obtained through a polarized orbital calculation on atomic systems described by Hartree-Fock type wave functions. Application is made to Na and Li where electron exchange is included in the reduction of the scattering equation, and the phase shifts and total elastic scattering cross sections are obtained through the solution of a set of integrodifferential equations. Exchange effects are noted explicitly by solving the scattering equations neglecting electron exchange and comparing the computed cross sections. The total elastic scattering cross sections for Li and Na agree well with recent measurements over the entire experimental range, and are significantly better than any previously published results.

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