Jason Kolligs

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Industrial and Systems Engineering

Committee Chair

Dale Thomas

Committee Member

Harry Delugach

Committee Member

Kristin Weger

Committee Member

Sampson Gholston

Committee Member

Bryan Mesmer


Systems engineering--Communication, Requirements engineering


“Requirements” are often presented as a necessary, if not mandated, component or tool of the systems engineering process. Despite their place in engineering, low quality requirements are the first potential mistakes of an engineering project and their effects are potentially felt downstream in the form of increased costs and schedule overruns. Innovations to improve requirements engineering have historically omitted the requirement media. This research provides the rationale and process heuristics to include alternate media requirement expressions within systems engineering which shifts accountability to higher context requirement expressions that may require less cognitive load while decreasing effort and schedule thereby potentially providing for more efficient systems engineering and more effective systems.



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