Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Space Science

Committee Chair

Gang Li

Committee Member

Gary P. Zank

Committee Member

Qiang Hu

Committee Member

Lingling Zhao

Committee Member

Laxman Adhikari


Solar wind, Turbulence, Plasma astrophysics


This dissertation explores the relationship between MHD turbulence, intermittent structures, and particle velocity distributions in the solar wind. Intermittent structures serve as a means for increased energy exchange from turbulence to particles. My research delves into the different scales where dissipation occurs, the turbulent process that leads to it, and the ultimate impact it has on the plasma species. It is supported by observations from spacecraft such as Helios, MESSENGER, MMS, and Parker Solar Probe. This work was supported by NASA-HELIO-FINESST Grant 80NSSC20K1516.



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