Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Committee Chair

Emil Jovanov

Committee Member

Aleksandar Milenković

Committee Member

Laurie Joiner

Committee Member

Karen Frith

Committee Member

Ravi Gorur


Wearable technology, Patient monitoring--Technological innovations, Bioelectric impedance--Measurement


Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases account for nearly forty percent of worldwide deaths. A critical factor in preventing these deaths is early detection, treatment, and monitoring of the diseases. Remote patient monitoring coincides with significant advances in integrated circuit technology resulting in greater performance and lower power consumption. In this work, novel monitoring configurations and frequency excitations are assessed across ten subjects to evaluate their suitability for monitoring cardiac and respiratory activity. A custom bioimpedance controller board was fabricated and integrated into the existing UAH euHy board. In the pilot experiment, the average inter-beat interval (IBI) derived from bioimpedance compared with Nexfin HD had an error of 3.9 ms, or 0.6%. We demonstrated that bioimpedance can be used to monitor breathing and heart activity in real time, in addition to body composition and fluid distribution. The proposed method is suitable for wearable monitoring applications.



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