Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Space Science

Committee Chair

Gary P. Zank

Committee Member

Charles C. Kankelborg

Committee Member

Qiang Hu

Committee Member

Haihong Che


Sounding rockets, Astronomical spectroscopy--Mathematical models


Sounding rocket telescopes are demonstration test beds for novel science capabilities. These programs explore cutting-edge solar physics around the globe, leading to missions aboard satellites and orbital labs. My research with the sounding rocket team at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) involved various experimental efforts in the lab alongside computer modeling of spectroscopic signals. This dissertation focuses on the Full-Sun Ultraviolet Rocket SpecTrograph (FURST), which is led by a team at Montana State University (MSU) and will deliver spectroscopic observations over a range of 120-181 nm. FURST aims to provide full-disk data at a similar spectral resolution to Hubble (R>20,000). This capability would unlock comparisons between the physics of our Sun and other stars. In pursuit of these goals, I designed a wavelength calibration code. Using a diagnostic lamp spectral atlas, we built a new modular and portable collimator system for calibrating the FURST instrument. Additionally, I created and tested an atmospheric absorption model for radiometric correction and spectral calibration.



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