Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Committee Chair

Yuri B. Shtessel

Committee Member

Farbod Fahimi

Committee Member

Wenzhang Huang

Committee Member

Laurie L. Joiner

Committee Member

W. David Pan

Committee Member

Michael Basin


Feedback control systems., Flight control., Sliding mode control.


The Higher Order Sliding Mode (HOSM) controllers are well known for their robustness/insensitivity to bounded perturbations and for handling any given arbitrary relative degree system. The HOSM controller is to be certified for robustness to unmodeled dynamics, before deploying the controller for practical applications. Phase Margin (PM) and Gain Margin (GM) are the classical characteristics used in linear systems to quantify the linear controller robustness to unmodeled dynamics, and certain values of these margins are required to certify the controller. These conventional margins (PM and GM) are extended to Practical Stability Phase Margin (PSPM) and Practical Stability Gain Margin (PSGM) in this dissertation, and are used to quantify the HOSM control robustness to unmodeled dynamics, presiding the tool to close the gap for HOSM control certification. The proposed robustness metrics (PSPM and PSGM) are identified by developing tools/algorithms based on Describing Function-Harmonic Balance method. In order for the HOSM controller to achieve the prescribed values on robustness metrics (PSPM and PSGM), the HOSM controller is cascaded with a linear compensator. A case study of the application of the proposed metrics (PSPM and PSGM) for the certification of F-16 aircraft HOSM attitude control robustness to cascade unmodeled dynamics is presented. In addition, several simulation examples are presented to verify and to validate the proposed methodology.



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