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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



Committee Chair

Azita Amiri

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Darlene Showalter


Reproductive toxicology, Reproductive health--Environmental aspects


Objectives: To identify common behaviors, attitudes, and practices that expose pregnant women to indoor air pollutants. Design: A mixed method study was conducted. Setting: Data was collected from the South Georgia Outpatient Obstetrical Practice. Participants: Prenatal low-risk OB antepartum/ postpartum patients. Methods: Participants were selected through convenience sampling method and from the preliminary study that had measured the level of indoor air pollutants in the home. The participants completed phone interview that asked 12 open ended questions, which addressed the patient’s knowledge, practice and attitudes/behaviors about indoor air pollutants and their sources. Results: Twenty pregnant women were interviewed. 70% had no knowledge of all the products used in the home that increases the indoor air pollutants. 50% of the patients stated that they did not know what chemicals are safe to use. 85% of the patients used some types of air fresheners or sprays in the home to prevent odors. 45% of the patient used candles and candle burners. The sources of pollutants were personal items, such as hair sprays, perfumes, nail polish and house cleaning supplies such as bleach detergents and dryer sheets. 65% purchased baby furniture or painted and installed new carpet in the newborns nursery during pregnancy. Conclusion: Pregnant women have very little knowledge about the exposure to indoor air pollutants and how it may impact the pregnancy outcomes. They are also unaware of practices to reduce the level of pollutants in the home.



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