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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



Committee Chair

Yeow Chye Ng

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Louise O'Keefe


Sexually transmitted diseases--Study and teaching, AIDS (Disease)--Prevention, Health education--Social aspects, Sexually transmitted diseases--Prevention, College students--Sexual behavior


Sexually Transmitted Infections have resulted in millions of dollars being spent by the public in health care costs. Sexually transmitted infections continue to remain a public health concern among young adults. Youth are more susceptible to overlooking the consequences of promiscuous sexual behavior. Promiscuous behaviors include multi partners, drug and substance abuse and lax condom use practice. Two hundred and eighty college students with ages ranging between 18-24 years completed a 27 questions pretest utilizing Qualtrics software. The survey was designed to assess student knowledge of sexually transmitted infections and human immunodeficiency virus. The student population sampled was primarily from historical black colleges and universities. An intervention group of 22 participants helped in the data collection phase of the study. The study demonstrated that female students are more knowledgeable then their male counterparts of sexually transmitted infections and human immunodeficiency virus (p < 0.05). Female students were found to be more disposed to not use a condom during casual sexual encounters. The primary findings in the study supports the need for an education on the risk associated with liberal sexual behavior. Post intervention demonstrated a significant statistical increase (p 0.001) in the knowledge of sexually transmitted infections and human immunodeficiency virus. The study revealed the need for a comprehensive sexual health education to college students including information about sexual disease and prevention.



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