Carey Haugen

Date of Award


Document Type

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



Committee Chair

Azita Amiri


Hemodialysis--Patients, Peer teaching


The lifestyle changes which accompany dialysis may be overwhelming for patients and their carers. The objective of this project was to adapt and implement a predesigned peer mentor program; to evaluate the effects of a peer mentor program on the quality of life (QOL), depression symptoms, and self-efficacy of the program participants; and to compare the effects with a comparison group. A two-armed, mixed-method, pre/post-intervention evaluation method was used to conduct this project. Data was collected from the Aurora Dialysis rural outpatient dialysis center. A predesigned peer mentor program was adapted and implemented. Participants, adult individuals with kidney disease that required dialysis, were selectred through convenience sampling method as a mentor, mentee, or comparison. The participants completed phone interactions, provided social support, shared lived experiences, and dialysis related self-care. Six mentors, six mentees, and 11 comparison participants completed the project. A paired samples t-test showed no statistically significant differences in self-efficacy, depression symptoms, nor QOL for mentors or mentees. The Anova test showed no statistically significant differences between the mentors and mentees with the comparison group. Feedback from 100% of mentors and 60% of mentees indicated high satisfaction and recommended the peer mentor program continue. Nursing support of the peer mentor program includes recruitment of appropriate mentors and answering clinical questions to promote success and sustainability of the program. Peer mentoring has potential to provide non-hierarchial support and to cross cultural barriers. Additional research is needed to support health realted outcomes and peer mentoring in individuals requiring dialysis.



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