Cuong Nguyen

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)


Chemical and Materials Engineering

Committee Chair

James E. Smith, Jr.

Committee Member

Emanuel Waddell

Committee Member

Michael Banish


Computer architecture., Microprocessors--Design and construction., Pentium (Microprocessor)


Thermal management for computer processors is always one of main concerns for computer manufacturers and users. Current cooling techniques based on forced air convection supported by an electric fan. This method has some disadvantages such as depending on air convection, creating noise, vibration, dust, and power consumption. This thesis is to examine detailed passive cooling technique for computer processors with the use of liquid Fluorinert FC-72 as a coolant. Two types of the Pentium 4 and one Core i3 processors were investigated using passive cooling technique. No-load and full-load operations of those processors were compared. The no-load and full-load operations of the Core i3 were also investigated using both traditional and passive cooling technique. The results showed that the passive cooling technique using FC-72 as a coolant was completely applicable for cooling the tested processors.



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