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Master of Science (MS)



Committee Chair

William N. Setzer

Committee Member

Robert L. McFeeters

Committee Member

Bernhard Vogler


Leishmaniasis., Protozoan diseases., Plants--Analysis.


Phytochemical analysis of three antileishmanial plants from Monteverde, Costa Rica and Abaco Island, Bahamas, has been carried out by use of column chromatography for phytoseparation, and NMR and IR spectroscopy for structural elucidation. Ruyschia phylladenia contained betulinic acid as major component, with significant amount of lupeol. Eugenia monteverdensis contained beta-Sitosterol, betulinic acid and barbinervic acid. Tabebuia bahamensis contained large amount of ursolic acid. Betulinic acid inhibited promastigotes of L. amazonensis significantly but was also toxic to mouse macrophages. Lupeol and betulinic acid did not show antimicrobial activity while beta-Sitosterol inhibited Aspergillus niger strongly. Barbinervic acid expressed good inhibition of Bacillus cereus. Ursolic acid was very active against MCF-7 cancer cells and inhibited Staphylococcus aureus significantly. R. phylladenia and T. bahamensis stand out as major sources of medicinally important compounds betulinic acid and ursolic acid respectively.



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