Micah Harvey

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)


Electrical Engineering

Committee Chair

Yuri Shtessel

Committee Member

Laurie L. Joiner

Committee Member

Mark Tillman


Robots--Control systems., Sliding mode control., PID controllers.


This paper examined seven controllers including PID type and sliding mode controllers (SMC) with chattering attenuation and their development and implementation on a Quanser 2-DOF planar robot system. A Simulink model of the robot was created by deriving the robotic system kinematics and dynamics. Controller performance was characterized in terms of accuracy, energy use, and disturbance handling. Hardware trials directed the robot to sketch a predetermined image using the controllers. Simulator trials validated the results then explored behavior with and without a disturbance signal. The SMCs proved to have similar or better accuracy than the PD and PID controllers while using similar amounts of energy and accommodating disturbances better. The SMC hardware outputs did however show some oscillation unmodeled in the simulations. The super-twisting SMC exhibited the highest accuracy across the trials while using the least energy of the SMCs. Additional work characterizing the disturbance rejection abilities of the SMCs and filter tuning for the robot system should be performed.



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