Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)



Committee Chair

Yeow Chye Ng

Committee Member

Lori Lioce

Committee Member

Laura L. Larson


AIDS (Disease)--Social aspects., Stigma (Social psychology)


People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH) experience stigma that creates barriers have the net effect of limiting access to care and decreased quality of life. This study seeks to identify, quantify, and measure mechanisms that produce the negative outcomes of provider-based stigma in regards to PLWH. The study employs the Health Care Provider HIV/AIDS Stigma Scale (HPASS), a new instrument based on a tripartite model of measuring prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination as developed by Wagner et al. in 2014. The study shows stereotyping is prevalent in the sample as a whole while prejudice was statistically significant in both correlations and comparisons made among groups. The study concludes that stigma is both frank and occult in its operation within the healthcare delivery model and recommends concrete and targeted interventions suitable for the setting where the study takes place.



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