Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Committee Chair

H. A. Toutanji

Committee Member

Ashraf Z. Al-Hamdan

Committee Member

Ying Cheng Lin


Cement composites., Composite materials., Load factor design., Fiber-reinforced concrete.


The research focuses on predicting the mechanical properties of various cementitious based materials coated with polyurea using the finite element program ABAQUS. To determine the effect of the polyurea coated systems, simple finite element analyses are performed on the beam model for flexure and the concrete slab model for impact. The experimental results carried out by Hyungjoo Choi [1, 2] are used to validate the model and to study the effect of the coating conditions of polyurea (plain, top, bottom, both). The load-displacement curves are plotted. Results show that using polyurea coating increases of deflection and load at failure (ductility), ultimate strength and strain, of Poly (Vinyl Butyral) (PVB) and Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) (PVA) fiber reinforced specimens. The simulation response for various models matched the experimental results very closely. Impact models depict the stresses developed and show that applying polyurea coating on the bottom seems to produce the best results.



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