Bhargav Chava

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Committee Chair

Yuri Shtessel

Committee Member

Laurie L. Joiner

Committee Member

Chang-Kwon Kang


Lyapunov functions., Sliding mode control.


Second order Sliding Mode Control (2-SMC) algorithms require knowledge of derivative of sliding variable, which is to be implemented using 2-SM differentiators. The use of 2-Sliding Mode differentiators causes loss of accuracy. Hence, the approach known as nonlinear dynamic sliding manifold (NDSM) approach is used to design a 2-SM control algorithm without the knowledge of derivative of sliding variable. The main contribution of the thesis is proof of finite time convergence of 2-SMC using NDSM approach by Lyapunov function technique. Also an adaptive 2-SM control law is proposed for perturbed systems with unknown boundaries using NDSM approach to avoid overestimation of control gains.



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