Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Materials Science

Committee Chair

Jeffrey J. Weimer

Committee Member

Emanuel Waddell

Committee Member

Yu Lei


Silane compounds., Glass coatings.


The research in this report is being undertaken to compare the integrity of different methods to coat glass-based substrates with silanes. A typical borosilicate glass, APEXTM glass, was cleaned using a wet cleaning method and quartz substrates was cleaned using dry cleaning methods. The substrates were functionalized with a long-chain silane aminopropyltrimethoxysilane-(APTES), a short-chain chlorotrimethylsilane (Si (CH3)3 Cl) (CTMS), and commercial SigmacoteTM. The concentration of the silane in solution was varied at constant immersion times. The glass substrates functionalized with CTMS, Sigmacote and APTES were immersed in DI water to test their stability. The CTMS and Sigmacote produced water stable coatings. Contact Angle Goniometry and Scanning Probe Microscopy were used to characterize the substrate surfaces before and after functionalization. The nature of the clean, functionalized surfaces was characterized with contact angle goniometry. CTMS uptake curves and effect of surface roughness on contact angle were studied.



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