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Master of Arts (MA)



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Aurora Torres

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Sandra Carpenter

Committee Member

Eric A. Seemann


Sensorimotor integration., Laterality., Tempo (Music), Musical meter and rhythm.


Previous neurological literature has proposed a potential specialization of the right hemisphere for tempo processes; however, this hypothesis had yet to be tested via behavioral measures within the cognitive literature. The present study was designed to investigate a potential specialization of the right hemisphere in tempo perception and production using a dichotic listening task paradigm by employing a 2 (Target Ear: left, right) x 2 (Responding Hand: left, right) x 3 (Target Stimulus: same, decreasing, increasing) in a within subjects design presenting isochronous tones. Although an ear advantage for tempo perception ability was not detected, we confirmed the left ear advantage when performing a synchronization-continuation tapping task. The results implicate the recruitment of a “timekeeper” mechanism that is likely lateralized to the right hemisphere. The data offer tentative support for the oscillator models related to rhythm and the callosal relay model regarding lateralization of function.



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