Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Atmospheric Science

Committee Chair

Udaysankar Nair

Committee Member

Sundar Christopher

Committee Member

John Mecikalski


Convection (Meteorology), Remote sensing, Land use--Borneo


Land and sea breeze initiates convection in the maritime continent. This region has the highest rates of tropical deforestation, which has the potential to impact land and sea breeze, convection and thus tropical climate. This study utilizes satellite observations and numerical modeling to characterize land and sea breezes in Borneo as well as investigate the impact of deforestation in this region on these circulations, clouds, and rainfall. The zone of influence for the land and sea breeze circulation is 265km offshore to 55km inland respectively and initiate convection on 42% and 52% of the days respectively. Deforestation has minimal impact on propagation of the land and sea breeze. However, horizontal convective rolls are affected by deforestation, leading to differences in convective initiation along the sea breeze front during the early hours. This leads to changes in convective outflows and larger changes in convection and rainfall in the afternoon hours.



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