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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



Committee Chair

Anusree Mukherjee

Committee Member

Bernhard Vogler

Committee Member

William N. Setzer


Transition metals., Ligands., Biomimetics.


Metalloenzymes that reacts with dioxygen play an important role in numerous biological processes. Due to their well-tuned redox activity, these metalloenzymes are appropriate to participate in various biological oxidation/oxygenation reactions in-volving dioxygen. In dioxygen activation chemistry, these metal containing enzymes interact with molecular oxygen. With the help of reduced metal center at the enzyme active site, dioxygen gets activated and produce metal oxygen adducts such as metal superoxo, metal hydroperoxo and metal oxo intermediate species. These intermediate species are responsible for many biological processes observed in metabolic pathways and aerobic respiration. To study the formation and characterization of structural and spectroscopic features as well as reactivity pro_le of these intermediates, low molecular weight biomimetic complexes can be very useful. Development of biomimetic complexes, which interact with dioxygen has captured much interest in the field of bioinorganic chemistry during past years. These biomimetic complexes are appropriate for the better understanding of metal dioxygen chemistry. In addition, they might be useful in regard to their potential use as catalysts to effect selective substrate oxidation reactions. In this thesis, synthetic copper and nickel metal containing model complexes with tetradentate pyridyl ligand was synthesized and characterized by different spectroscopic techniques. Pyridyl ligands are popular ligand structure to study biomimetic complexes in metal inorganic chemistry. In addition, the substrate oxidation capability of these complexes was investigated by using different exogenous organic substrates.



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