Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Earth System Science

Committee Chair

Sundar A. C.

Committee Member

Robert Griffin

Committee Member

Daniel Irwin


Remote sensing, Image processing--Digital techniques, Multispectral photography, Water resources development--Environmental aspects, Water quality--Guatemala--Lake Atitlan, Guatemala--Lake Atitlan, Lake Atitlan (Guatemala)


Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is a vital source of drinking water. The deteriorating conditions of water quality in this lake threaten human and ecological health as well as the local and national economy. Given the sporadic and limited measurements available, it is impossible to determine the changing conditions of water quality. The goal of this thesis is to use Hyperion satellite images to measure water quality parameters in Lake Atitlan. For this purpose in situ measurements and satellite-derived reflectance data were analyzed to generate an algorithm that estimated Chlorophyll concentrations. This research provides for the first time a quantitative application of hyperspectral satellite remote sensing for water quality monitoring in Guatemala. This approach is readily transferable to other countries in Central America that face similar issues in the management of their water resources.



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