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Master of Arts (MA)



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Laurel Bollinger

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Eric Smith

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Chad Thomas


Vampires in literature, Queer theory, English literature--History and criticism, American literature--History and criticism


The vampire archetype in literature and film has remained popular since its reconfiguration in the nineteenth century. This reconfiguration expresses society's anxiety concerning queer identity and sexuality. The vampire as a monster brings disorder to heteronormative valuea and systems and so must be dispatched to restore order. This treatment shifts in the mid-twentieth century when Anne Rice writes her novel from the vampire's poinit of view. This shift offers space for the vampire to become a beacon of hope for queer people to envision being accepted as they are. Queer people and vampires have both been treated as the monstrous other and the history of the vampire in literature is metaphorically the history of queer people.



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