Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Earth System Science

Committee Chair

Robert Griffin

Committee Member

Tom Sever

Committee Member

Daniel Irwin


Geographic information systems., Landslides--El Salvador., Landslide hazard analysis--Remote sensing., Remote sensing., Environmental monitoring--Remote Sensing.


Landslides pose a persistent threat to El Salvador's population, economy and environment. Government officials share responsibility in managing this hazard by alerting populations when and where landslides may occur as well as developing and enforcing proper land use and zoning practices. This thesis addresses gaps in current knowledge between identifying precisely when and where slope failures may initiate and outlining the extent of the potential debris inundation areas. Improvements on hazard maps are achieved by considering a series of environmental variables to determine causal factors through spatial and temporal analysis techniques in Geographic Information Systems and remote sensing. The output is a more dynamic tool that links high resolution geomorphic and hydrological factors to daily precipitation. Directly incorporable into existing decision support systems, this allows for better disaster management and is transferable to other developing countries.



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