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Master of Arts (MA)



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Jodi Price

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Aurora Torres

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Jeffrey Neuschatz


Psychology of learning., Memory., Visual perception.


Value-directed remembering can be influenced by multiple factors, such as learners’ goals, perceptual cues, and perceived familiarity and fluency. Font size, type, and clarity are all perceptual cues that have been found to influence the subjective value of to-be-learned information. Fluency, or the ease with which information is processed, a factor influenced by familiarity, can also impact value-directed remembering. More fluent information is perceived as easier to process and thus more likely to be remembered. Judgments of learning (JOLs; i.e. subjective ratings regarding whether information will be remembered) can also be influenced by these three factors. The present study examined value-directed remembering using materials with potentially different subjective value, by manipulating font styles and fluency. Results indicated that schematic support (presentation of information in a manner in which the information is familiar) improved memory performance and that fluency and disfluency can directly impact metacognitive measures and actual memory performance.



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