Sydnie Fiocca

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Committee Chair

Kirolos Haleem

Committee Member

Sherif Ishak

Committee Member

Michael Anderson


Cycling--Ala.bama--Safety measures, Cycling accidents--Ala.bama--Analysis, Traffic accidents--Ala.bama--Analysis


The study objectives were to analyze bicycle-vehicle crash data in Alabama using a detailed review of police reports to identify specific bicycle-vehicle crash causes and patterns and develop an online stated-preference survey to examine drivers’ and bicyclists’ behavior on shared roadways and their understanding of cycling regulations in Alabama. From the crash analysis, a detailed review of 1,311 bicycle-vehicle police reports (from 2011 to 2015) in Alabama was conducted. Nighttime riding (19:01-7:00) and crashes involving males and middle-aged persons (26 to 64) were more severe. Compared to intersections, more severe crashes occurred at midblock sections. No severe crashes have occurred on bike lanes. From the stated-preference survey, a total of 1,070 responses were received. Respondents expressed how they felt drivers did not respect bicyclists’ right to be on the roadway. Some of the difficulties identified by bicyclists were motorists passing too closely and at excessive speeds. Necessary recommendations were proposed.



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