Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

Committee Chair

Harry S. Delugach

Committee Member

Ramazan S. Aygun

Committee Member

Letha H. Etzkorn


Graph theory., Data integration (Computer science)


Data integration is a problem often solved by imposing a standardized context with which all data sources in the system are mapped. If subgroups in an organization have a different point of view than the standardized context, then they may find usage of this integrated system difficult. Knowledge Spaces (KS) are a recently proposed architecture that allows for multiple, even contradictory, contexts to be built with conceptual graphs (CG). Little guidance exists in regard to constructing a KS that is capable of utilizing the graph operations CGs are able to support. This work introduces an approach to KS construction that supports CG subgraph matching queries over an entire dataspace. First, a property graph model for representing the KS is devised and then Cypher-based services are built and applied to a real dataspace; thus, an end to end solution is developed.



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