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Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Chair

Sandra Carpenter

Committee Member

Aurora Torres

Committee Member

Dianhan Zheng


Group problem solving, Decision making, Theory of knowledge, Teams in the workplace


Knowledge sharing has been shown in studies to positively impact team performance. Understanding methods that could lead to deliberate knowledge-sharing could be beneficial for teams. Reflexivity is the degree to which team members communicate the team’s objectives, strategies, and limitations in order to mitigate unexpected situations. Reflexivity was examined with a motivational theory of goal orientation to test how team motivation influenced reflexivity’s impact on knowledge sharing and team performance. Furthermore, diversity in goal orientation was studied to gauge how diverse motives of team members influenced team performance. Results indicated no support for reflexivity improving knowledge sharing; however, the experiment found performance-oriented teams performed faster on tasks and motivational diversity decreased knowledge sharing. These results give a better understanding towards how reflexivity and team motivation impacts knowledge sharing and team performance.



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