Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



Committee Chair

Sharifa Love-Rutledge


Diabetes--Research., Metabolic syndrome--Research., Diabetes--Animal models.


The susceptibility to the development of glucose intolerance in the young adult type 1 diabetes model LEW.1 WRl was investigated. The animals were given either a 10% fat 7% sucrose diet or a 45% high fat 21% sucrose diet for 10 weeks. Two glucose tolerance tests (GTT) and an insulin tolerance test (ITT) were performed at 0, 8, and 4 weeks, respectively. Terminal anesthetized blood glucose was measured before sacrifice . Serum obtained at harvest was used for a metabolic hormone and cytokine/chemokine multiplex array and ongoing metabolomics studies. Pancreata collected at harvest were used for histological examination of islets. The 1WR1 control rat group' s 8 final weight was 381.03 +/- 0.30 g and terminal fasting blood glucose was 150 mg/dL, but the group ' s 8 week glucose tolerance test showed that they were glucose intolerant. This group had more weight gain, more visceral and abdominal, epididymal, and total fat, and fewer islets than the SsNHsd control rat group. The 1WRl control rat group also had metabolic honnonal and cytokine /chemokine levels that showed disruptions to metabolism. The 1WRl control rat group was glucose intolerant.



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