Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Physics and Astronomy

Committee Chair

Seyed Sadeghi

Committee Member

Don A. Gregory

Committee Member

James K. Baird


Nanotechnology., Surface plasmon resonance., Optical antennas., Biosensors.


The differences in near and far field plasmonic coupling in arrays of gold nanoantennas for sensing applications are investigated. By manipulating the geometries of the nanoantennas and the array, the plasmonic coupling phenomena can be fine-tuned. This allows for the future application of such fine-tuned plasmonic coupling by hand-selecting which limit of plasmon coupling is most useful in specific situations. Both limits are also investigated as refractive index based sensors for streptavidin conjugated quantum dots or methanol. It is shown that in the far field limit, it is possible to fabricate a sensor which hybridizes the Rayleigh Anomaly with a localized surface plasmon resonance and uses this hybridization to detect minuscule changes in the refractive index of the environment of the sensor. Using the near field limit, it is shown that the higher the direct plasmon coupling in the superstrate of the nanoantenna array, the more sensitive the sensor is to changes in refractive index.



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