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Master of Arts (MA)



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Jodi Price

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Aurora Torres

Committee Member

Jeffrey Neuschatz


Metacognition., Auditory perception.


Empirical research has shown that processing fluency affects peoples’ judgments of learning (JOLs). This study investigated the role of auditory fluency on participants’ JOLs, Workload and Effort ratings, and Recognition Performance. Two simultaneous science lectures were monaurally presented to participants. Auditory fluency was manipulated by varying the signal-to-noise level (SNR Level: 0 dB SNR, -3 dB SNR, -6 dB SNR) between the Target and the Masker and by varying the sex of the Target and Masker (Condition). Participants provided JOLs and other ratings and completed a recognition test after each 3 min lecture segment. There was no main effect of Condition on JOLs or Recognition Performance. JOLs and Recognition Performance were higher at 0 dB SNR, lower at -3 dB SNR, and lowest at -6 dB SNR. Workload and Effort ratings increased as SNR grew more negative. Participants’ predictions of their performance on the recognition tests were accurate.



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