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Master of Arts (MA)



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Nicole L. Pacino

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Dylan Baun

Committee Member

Stephen P. Waring


Socialism--Chile., Socialism--Bahrain., Right and left (Political science)--Chile--History--20th century., Right and left (Political science)--Bahrain--History--20th century., Revolutions--Chile--History--20th century., Revolutions--Bahrain--History--20th century.


“Affective Socialists” explores the story of the Chilean and Bahraini Marxist left, their rise to political and cultural prominence, and their subsequent removal from power during the peak of their influence. This thesis covers the period between 1964 and 1975, during which both nations saw political upheaval and the eventual violent ousting of Marxists from power. Why, and how, did this happen? I argue that the two nations underwent a similar process of increased sectarian behaviors and outlooks within the ranks of their Marxist left. In exploring and explaining this process, I propose an expanded understanding of the term sectarianism that includes Marxists during certain revolutionary moments.



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