Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Space Science

Committee Chair

Jacob Herrikhusien

Committee Member

Vladimir Florinski

Committee Member

Jakobus le Roux


Heliosphere (Astrophysics)


Various models have been proposed for the SW-LISM plasma interaction to study the shape of the heliosphere. According to the Parker model (1961), when SW interacts with the interstellar plasma with a very weak magnetic field “comet- like” cavity is formed, called heliosphere. With the help of simplified assumptions, we solve the Parker model for heliosphere in addition with charge-exchange term and compare it with 3D MHD-neutral simulation results for the heliosphere. We develop a chi-square analysis to quantify the relative difference between 2D potential flow and 3D simulation model heliospheric models, and use this to optimize the flow model parameters to derive a simple model for the flow of SW in the inner heliosheath.


Potential flow models for the heliosphere and their comparison to 3D MHD-neutral simulation



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