Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Committee Chair

Farbod Fahimi

Committee Member

Nathan J. Slegers

Committee Member

Yuri Shtessel


Underwater imaging systems, Remote submersibles, Robotics, Mobile robots, Autonomous robots, Intelligent control systems


Vision based control (Visual Servoing) of an autonomous 6-DOF vehicle is considered in this thesis. The vehicle is to be navigated underwater using the cameras mounted on its body. With the new developed algorithm, the need for underwater GPS, Tilt Sensors and other costly devices is eliminated. The new algorithm overcomes the shortcomings of the existing algorithms, PBVS (Position-Based Visual Servoing) and IBVS (Image-Based Visual Servoing). The underwater vehicle is navigated using the image feedback obtained from the cameras. These image features are fed to the control system on the vehicle which in turn generates the desired motion. Simulations runs in MATLAB/SIMULINK give satisfactory results of the algorithm.



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