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Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Chair

Kristin Weger

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Jodi Price

Committee Member

Bryan Mesmer


Corporate culture, Organizational behavior, Cost control


Affordability has been a growing interest in organizations over the years. Though affordability is an ever-present issue within organizations, there is a lack of research surrounding affordability culture as an organizational subculture. The current study aims to close this research gap by identifying organizational aspects associated with affordability in which current organizational practices can be evaluated by organization members. To accomplish this goal, 346 participants from NASA, industry, and The University of Alabama in Huntsville were surveyed to understand the organizational aspects associated with affordability. Results indicated that students tended to evaluate affordability in terms of budgets and funding, whereas NASA and industry respondents tended to evaluate affordability in terms of the organizational behaviors associated with affordability. Results from this study can be used to inform organizations of employee perceptions regarding current organizational behavior related to affordability.



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