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Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Chair

Jeffrey Neuschatz

Committee Member

Aurora Torres

Committee Member

Jodi Price


Judicial error., Visual perception., Criminal investigation., Eyewitness identification., Forensic psychology., Witnesses--Psychology.


This study is the first to assess the use of Judgments of Learning (JOLs) in an eyewitness identification paradigm. The type of identification task (showups versus lineups) as well as presence of target stimuli was manipulated. Correct and incorrect identifications were measured to determine the accuracy of participants' identifications. JOLs and confidence ratings were collected to determine if meta-cognitive judgments can be used as valid indicators of accuracy. The findings support research in the meta-cognitive and psychology and law literatures as JOL and confidence ratings significantly correlated with accuracy. It was found that confidence ratings were significantly better at predicting accuracy of participant's identifications than JOLs. Further, probative value measures determined that lineups produced more accurate identification evidence than showups.



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